All functions are accessible through the contextmenus. However there are different contextmenus in order where your mouse is over.
This document focuses on the contextmenu you get in contact with when right clicking into a view, the thing where the files and folders were shown.
The menu is divided into sections.

The first section holds items allowing you to update the current pannel to check if something in this directory has changed. This option is mostly unused as Cat'sEyE updates the tab automaticaly when necessary (since version 3.0).
The option to open a Terminal in the current directory would show up here, if you have defined the standard terminal option in the property page, or if you have defined the trmnl-keyphrase (<V4.0).

The 'search for...' item searches all directories recursivly for the name you specify and writes all files and folders which inherrit the name to a newly created fileshelf.
The 'search highlighted...' item searches the marked items for a string. All those who inherrit this string stay marked, all others become unmarked. This is not a search function which travels the marked directories. Actually, only the marked items in the view, and only their names are searched for the string the user defines.
The option size will count the size of the item marked recursivly.

The second section is the area where all your usercomands show up.

The third section holds two points called: 'call all with...' and 'call each with...' Both will ask you for a program name to which to pass the marked items. While 'call all with...' just adds all items after the string you entered in one single line before hand it to the shell, the 'call each with...' will call your entered program as many times as items are selected and adds just one item at a time to the string you entered. This means, that you will have as many instances of the program for as many items you have selected.

The others are self-explanatory, as they just copy move or remove items from the directory.

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