In the first point, Cat'sEyE is a filesystem browser. But with the help of its flexible way to call other programs it can be the center of your desktop.

The first thing you discover when opening Cat'sEyE is its 2 sided structure. As you may already used to it you see two directories at a time, one on the left the other on the right side of the mainwidget. But Cat'sEyE adds support for tabs in both areas, left and right. This allows you to open nearly unlimited (is there a restriction in GTK Notebook?) pages on both sides.

If you close Cat'sEyE, it can store all your opened directories and they will show up on next start. Or do you want to come up with the same directories every time you start Cat'sEyE? It's your choice.

The user of Cat'sEyE is supposed to know what kind of files he has on his system. Therefore, all files are listed in one Color. Only directories and links show up in different colors. The default color for items is black, directories show up in blue, while links are cornflower blue. The user can specifiy this values in the config file but keep in mind, that it's not possible to connect a specific file type with a color.
Cat'sEyE does not show any icons in its directory views. The reason for this is because it's rather impossible to define an icon for every filetype existing, and so there is always one missing icon which simply isn't pretty to look at. At least, I hate it.

Simple access to bookmarked directories via the contextmenu.

Cat'sEyE has a feature called FileShelfs. Add your important files to a FileShelf for faster access. Collect your files to groups and keep track of them as they would be in a seperate directory. Think about FileShelfs as playlists in your music-environment.

Cat'sEyE is free software. Free of charge and, because Cat'sEyE is licensed under the GPL3, free in source (in the terms of the license, of course).

At least Cat'sEyE is written in C. You don't like C? You think there are much better ways and programing languages? Well, may be but this doesn't bother me too much. It's in C!

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