You can add all items viewed in one of the views to a so called FileShelf by using the contextmenu.

The files are not actually copied to another place. Their names and their pathes are stored to an internal list and viewed on the FileShelf which you can see at the bottom of the mainview.

These FileShelfs help you keeping track of important files like configfiles or new files and allow you a faster access to them.

You are not limited in the number of FileShelfs nor in the items on them.

All the FilsShelfs are saved at shutdown and are loaded on startup.

See screenshots to get an idea of the FileShelfs.

When an item, already on a FileShelf, disapears (e.g. got moved, renamed ... ) it appears red, so you easily know which items are not longer available from within the FileShelf. Please mind, that Cat'sEyE does not recognize if some of the files on the fileshelf change, it's up to the user to keep the fileshelf up to date. The menuitem 'update panel' or the shortcut F5 do this job.

Important to say is, that the predefined variables you have access within the configuration file differ by their values on the FileShelf. This means that the variable <OtherDirectory> always points to your home directory, while <ThisDirectory> points to the directory the marked item is in.

When calling more than one item, the variable <ThisDirectory> points to the path of the first item.

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