catseye sceenshotlittle

Mainview, there are 3 directories opened on each side.

catseye sceenshotlittle

Mainview, but with FileShelf at the bottom, which holds some files.

catseye proppage options picture

Property page to control Cat'sEyE.

catseye proppage usercommands picture

Property page, overview of usercommands.

catseye sceenshotlittle

Cat'sEyE V3.0 copies files from the right side to the left. The little widget shows you which item is currently processed and how many are left.

catseye sceenshotlittle

This is a dialog how the user can 'create' it with the 'newusercommand'-syntax (V3.0). Only the buttons and the checkbox are fix, everything else is userspecific.

catseye proppage bookmarks picture

Property page to manage your bookmarks.

catseye proppage usercommands Dialog picture

Property page, add a new usercommand or edit an existing.

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