The configuration file is called 'catseye_config_file.conf' and Cat'sEyE searches it in the directory '~/.catseye/'. In this file you define some behaviour of Cat'sEyE, e.g. which directories should be loaded at startup. But there are many more Options available. Get a complete list here.

You can download the config file in the download section. This file uses every keyphrase used by Cat'sEyE and gives a short explanation.

The syntax is very easy: Just type in the keyphrase you want to define followed by a colon (':') and the value you want it to be set. 'key:value', this is called single-structure.

The most keys need an additional information because they are supposed to be viewed in the contextmenu. This means they need a name. This keys always read two values, where the first is meant to be the name, how it shows up in the contextmenu, and the second is the value: 'key:name;value', this is called pair-structure.

Further more the most keys are able to read more than one value or (name;value)-pair and there are 2 possible ways to define more than one value for the same key:
The first just adds on value after each other: 'key:value1;value2;...' 'key:name1;value1;name2;value2;...'
The second uses more lines but has to repeat the keyphrase at every new line: 'key:name1;value1;' next line: 'key:name2;value2'
You can mix up both possibilities.

Lets get some examples:
The keyphrase 'strtdr' tells Cat'sEyE which directories to open in the right view on every start up. It expects the single-structure. 'strtdr:/usr/bin;/home;/dev/ftp'
This tells Cat'sEyE to load all three directories into the right side of the view.

The 'bkmrk:' key on the other hand expects a pairstructure and therefore looks something different:
This adds 2 items to your bookmarks-contextmenu called music and docs pointing to the directories above.

This syntax is valid for all keys in the config file. However, the syntax of the 'usercommands' have some extensions.

Go ahead to the 'UserCommand'-Syntax.

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