A file browser needs the possibility to call 3rd party programs like an image viewer or a mediaplayer. And this is where the usercommand becomes important.

You already know about the keyphrases and their pair-structure (name;value). If not, head over to General Information to get an Introduction.

Cat'sEyE distinguishes files by their ending (string after last dot). Even if there are other ways, this seems to me the best suitable one in this case.

If you want to connect a filetype to a program the syntax is the same as for the keyphrases: 'keyphrase:name1;value1;name2;value2'. Where 'keyphrase' now is the ending of the type of file, 'name' the name shown in the contextmenu and 'value' the command to start the program the file is supposed to be opened with.

Lets have an Example: To connect all *.jpg - files to a program called 'xv' all you have to add to the configfile is:
'jpg:view pic;xv', easy, isn't it? Now, everytime you mark one or more jpg-files the contextmenu shows a point called 'view pic' which calls xv.

To get a clearer point of view lets say we want to open pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg. We already marked this files clicked 'view pic', then this is what Cat'sEyE gives to the shell:
'xv pic1.jpg pic2.jpg'
As you can see, all the names of the marked files are simply added behind the command you specified in 'value'. This behaviour is called 'call all with'.

To connect more programs to one filetype just add another pair (name;value) to the the line.
In our example: 'jpg:view pic;xv;name;value' or add a new line repeating the whole thing (inclusive keyphrease).

When you double click an item Cat'sEyE uses the first usercommand it can find.

Now you are able to connect as many filetypes to as many programs you can think of.

BUT: There is (at least) one problem. What if you have a program which is not restricted to one specific filetype like a packaging tool? For this purpose, Cat'sEyE has the keyphrase allfls. Think of it as a wildcard ( * ), which program you ever define, all files AND FOLDERS can be called to this program.

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