Here is a list of all keyphrases Cat'sEyE can use.

This table gives a short introduction to the keyphrases of Cat'sEyE. They are descripted in more detail at the end of this document.

keyphrase description structure used example
strtdr Directories to start with, right view single strtdr:/home;/dev
strtdl Directories to start with, left view single strtdl:/home;/dev
strdd Directory opened when you add a new page to a view pair strdd:NewPage;/usr/home
stded the name and the command of your standard editor pair stded:edit;gvim
trmnl the terminal you want to use pair trmnl:terminal;xterm
bkmrk bookmarks pair bkmrk:home;/usr/home
svpths do you want to save the open directories on close single svpths:TRUE to reload pathes
allfls see usercommand-section pair allfls:delete;rm -rf (*1
clritm the color of the files single clritm:Black clritm:#000000
clrdir the color of directories single clrdir:Blue clrdir:#0000FF
clrlnk the color of links single clrlnk:CornflowerBlue clrlnk:#0000FF
clrmss the color of items which are on a FileShelf and are marked as missed single clrmss:Red clrmss:#FF0000
cmdmv (unused since 3.0) the command, used to move items single default (*2: cmdmv:mv -f
cmdcp (unused since 3.0) the command, used to copy items single default (*2: cmdcp:cp -rf
cmdrnm the command, used to rename items single default (*2: cmdrnm:mv
cmddel (unused since 3.0) the command, used to delete items single default (*2: cmddel:rm -rf
cmdmkdir (unused since 3.0) the command, used to create a new directory single default (*2: cmdmkdir:mkdir

(*1: this is not a good example but would work.
(*2: defining the default value is not necessary and is just an example.
single: 'key:value', pair: 'key:name;value'

As you might expect, if you define svpths with TRUE the input to strtdr and strtdl is ignored.

While strtdl, strtdr and bkmrk are accepting more than one input (pair- or single-structure) this makes no sense for the others. You just can define one command for opening a terminal or your standard editor. Also for strdd, where only one pair is read.

However, while you are free to define what ever you want for the keys above, svpths only accepts the value TRUE, everything else is threaded as FALSE (when it is not defined its FALSE too).

Furthermore, the keys defining the colors expect a string gtk recognize as color. As they are:
Names, such as: Black, Red, Blue, Green ...
RGB in Hex: #000000 (for black), #FFFFFF (for white)

The keys trmnl, bkmrk, stded are shown in the contextmenu (and therefore need the pair-structure).
trmnl opens a terminal in the directory you are currently looking at in the view when you klick the name you specified on the contextmenu.
stded opens the marked files with your favourite editor, displaying the name you specified on the contextmenu

The key allfls is a kind of tricky and is discussed best in the usercommand-section. It's mentioned here just to complete the list.

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