After defining about 7 programs to one filetype and 3 allfls-keys you may want a way to pack some items into a submenu inside of the contextmenu. This is what we will describe here.

Because this submenu is directly connected to the names you view in the contextmenu it is straight forward to extent the 'name'-property in the UserComand syntax in a way you simply add some things to get a submenu.

To create a submenu you have to edit the 'name' you specified in the usercomand-syntax:

where submenu[X] is the name of the submenu and 'name' still is the name you want to view, now in the submenu2. Cat'sEyE creates as many submenus as you define, there is no limitation on this.

When there are more names using the same submenu, Cat'sEyE put them together as you might expect it.

This submenus are always listed at the end of the section in the contextmenu where the usercommands show up.

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