In version V4.0 the user does not have to edit the configuration file by his own anymore.

Cat'sEyE 4.0 has a property page to make it as painless to configure Cat'sEyE as possible.

You will find the property page when right clicking on a notebook (one of the upper), internals->propPage.

The property page is split into different main sections:
Property Page Options Property Page Bookmarks Property Page UserCommands
Each section covers a particular purpose.

However, you will always see the configfile currently in use and the following buttons at the bottom of the property page: 'save', 'save as', 'load from', 'reload' and 'close'.

Pressing 'save' will save the changes you made to the currently active configuration file.
'save as' will ask you for a filename to save the properties to a different file. Please mind, that this does not change the currently used file.
'load from' will ask you for a configuration file to load, this will actually change the currently used file.
'reload' simply reloads the currently active configuration file, all the changes you made so far will be lost.
'close' closes the property page, what a suprise.

While changing or adding a bookmark or usercommand takes effect immediately, so you don't need to save the changes to the configuration file to test it in Cat'sEyE, changes on the options section or repositioning bookmarks or usercommands take effect only after saving.

There is a forth section called Info, which holds some usefull information when working with the property page.

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