catseye proppage options picture

Here you can specifiy some behaviour of Cat'sEyE.

Defining a standard editor will allways show you an item in the context menu which is available for all items. The name you specify here is used to view it in the context menu.
Example: 'gedit $(MI_WP_Q)', where $(MI_WP_Q) means all the items you have selected.

Defining a standard terminal will allow you to open the defined terminal in the views, opened in the currently opened directory. There will be an item with the name you specify here in the context menu.

save pathes on exit: Check this, and Cat'sEyE will save your pathes on exit and load them again on next start.

The start pathes left/right are not implemented completly at this time (V4.0). This interface only allows you to define one path for each side to load on startup. This option is overwritten by save pathes on exit.

The colored buttons allow you to define different colors for: normal items, directories, links and missing files (FileShelf only).

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